Mission Statement:

       At Velocity Aqua, our mission is to support the development and continued operation of sustainable aquaculture businesses and projects. We achieve this by supporting entrepreneurs with expert aquaculture advice, development services, and aquaculture business management solutions through a network of experienced aquaculture professionals.

About Velocity Aqua

          Velocity Aqua is not a traditional consulting agency. It is in our best interest that your aquaculture venture succeeds and that we contribute toward that success. You pay only for the solution or service purchased at Velocity Aqua. We have only the quality of our service and reputation to stand on. Your long-term success is in our best interest. We do not build facilities or sell or provide equipment. We do not receive compensation for technology recommendations or have mutually beneficial arrangements with equipment providers, consultants, or aquaculture engineering firms. It is in the best interest of consultants and equipment providers that projects are finished and facilities are built as they get paid heavily for construction and sales. Long-term viability solutions are much less attractive than construction. 

Ron Hill - Founder / CEO

         Ron is a 15 year aquaculture professional with experience in a wide variety of sectors and challenging facilities. He has substantial experience with RAS and flow through operations. Starting with enhancement contracts in northern BC, Ron worked on enumerating wild sockeye salmon and vaccinating Atlantic salmon to supplement his studies. He started as a technician at Mowi Canada West's Ocean Falls fingerling facility in northern BC. After embracing the challenging conditions in Ocean Falls, Ron moved to the brood facility in Duncan, BC and began working with the facility's RAS.

        Ron most recently worked as the hatchery lab and operations coordinator at Fleming College in Lindsay ON maintaining the hatchery / RAS and working with students in the aquaculture program. He has been a contributor to Hatchery International and Aquaculture North America magazines since 2010. Ron currently authors a column in Hatchery International "Hatchery Hacks" and is the host of "Think Tanks - The Sustainable Aquaculture Podcast." He holds a BSc and a technical diploma in Fisheries and Aquaculture from Vancouver Island University, as well as a BA in English from The University of Western Ontario. 

Recent Projects

Links to samples of recent projects
Link to report Feasibility Evaluation of Innovative Fish Farming Technologies to Prevent to Spread of COVID19 and Increase Productivity at Ontario Aquaculture Farms

Industry Research Report for Ontario Aquaculture Association

Velocity Aqua was asked to research and prepare a feasibility evaluation of aquaculture technologies to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and increase productivity at Ontario fish farms.

link to Think Tanks page

Think Tanks- The Sustainable Aquaculture Podcast

Velocity Aqua is proud to present Think Tanks- The Sustainable Aquaculture Podcast. For the true aquaculture enthusiast, Think Tanks interviews leading professionals from around the aquaculture industry to provide informative and entertaining aquaculture talk. 

Meet Your Farmers Kana Upton

Meet Your Farmers 

The Velocity Aqua team was commissioned to profile several prominent farmers around the aquaculture industry to provide a human face to aquaculture in Ontario.