Consulting Services

At Velocity Aqua we offer a range of consulting services for aquaculture ventures of any stripe. Our team has expertise with everything from small scale enhancement and ornamental hatcheries to large scale commercial operations and cage systems. We pride ourselves on offering solutions. If you have an aquaculture problem trust us to support you in finding the solution.

System Setup and Design

Getting your aquaculture venture up and running is a daunting task. Velocity Aqua has the expertise you need to support you from design to harvest. Our experienced team will support your company with hard earned personal knowledge and a vast network of contacts to get you up and running.

  • Design and setup 

  • Site selection and assessment

  • Species choices and parameters

  • Feasibility analysis

Projects and Upgrades 

Whether installing a new system or upgrading your current equipment, Velocity Aqua has the experience to help evaluate a project, choose the right equipment and get that equipment successfully installed. 

  • Project evaluations and assessments

  • Equipment upgrades and recommendations

  • Installation and troubleshooting

  • Project management 

Livestock Management 

From egg to brood we have the expertise you need to get the best out of your stock. At Velocity Aqua we understand your livestock is your lifeline and as your animals thrive so will your business. 

  • Fish and organism health assessments 

  • Biosecurity and prophylactic programs

  • Brood programs and management 

  • Performance assessments 

  • Husbandry and culture methods

Feed and Feed Systems 

Choosing the right feed and feeding system combination can be intimidating because of the expense wide range of choices available to the farmer. Velocity Aqua has experience with feed systems large and small. From centralized feed silo with blowers down to fry feeders our team have used them all. 

  • Feed system analysis and assessment

  • Feed system upgrades and installations

  • Feeding strategy and analysis

Third Party Certification

Third party certifications like BAP or ASC are important to show a farm's commitment to producing a high quality product the right way. Our team at Velocity Aqua can help you prepare your site for certification.

  • Certification assessment and recommendations

  • Implementation support 

Risk Assessment

Identifying and mitigating risk at your farm is of the utmost importance to prevent an expensive and embarrassing catastrophe. Having the right solutions to outflank potential problems can separate successful farms from failed farms. Velocity offers risk assessment and recommendations for farmers to manage the risk on their farm and strengthen their protection.

  • Site risk assessment 

  • Fish health risk assessment 

  • Health and safety risk assessment