Professional Services

Velocity Aqua offers a variety of professional services to supplement your business from experts that understand aquaculture and your farm's unique needs
Content and Media

Our team at Velocity Aqua understands that written content and media relations isn't in every business's wheelhouse. Velocity is here to support you with professional media and writing services from experts that understand aquaculture.

Whether it's media relations, generating internal content, SOPs or introduction packages, Velocity Aqua has you covered with experts who can write and produce content, but also have a firm understanding of aquaculture and aquaculture businesses.

  • Press releases and media articles

  • Web content and social media

  • SOPs and operations materials


Staffing in aquaculture is difficult at the best of times. Recruiting is time consuming and often fruitless. The pool of workers is small and the demand for aquaculture workers is high.

Velocity Aqua's team will create a custom staffing plan for your business and recruit aquaculture workers on your behalf, freeing you up to concentrate on the livestock side of your company.

  • Custom staffing models

  • Headhunting and staffing

  • Contract work teams

Workflow and Data Management

Hatcheries and aquaculture sites are intricate and complex with lots of moving parts and machinery, each vital in its own way. Large amounts of data are collected each day which can easily become aggravating or overwhelming if not organized.

Organization is essential to keep on top and keep your business on track. Avoid getting bogged down in preventable maintenance issues and piles of unorganized data with Velocity Aqua's custom workflow plans. We will analyze your workflow and data needs to help you streamline your business with custom plans suited to your company.

  • Daily monitoring checklists

  • Preventative maintenance schedules

  • Data sheets and data management systems

  • Workflow streamlining