Velocity Aqua Presents: Think Tanks, The Sustainable Aquaculture Podcast

Think Tanks is a podcast focused on sustainable aquaculture in its many forms. Hosts Ron Hill, Jon Carter and Ben Normand use their years of aquaculture experience and passion to bring listeners down-to-earth conversations with farmers and industry experts. Notables from around the industry visit the podcast for a thoughtful discussion on relevant and interesting topics within the aquaculture community.
Episode 9
Marcia Chiasson - Manager - Ontario Aquaculture Research Centre 
        Marcia Chiasson, manager of the Ontario Aquaculture Research Center (OARC), drops in to talk with Jon and Ron about the OARC lake whitefish program. Marcia explains the breeding program and gives us some excellent insight into working with lake whitefish. Marcia tells us why she thinks its a species with great aquaculture potential and fills us in on some of the other species OARC is looking at.   
Episode 8
Trevor Dawes- Ultrasound Technology for Atlantic Salmon Broodstock Management
        Trevor Dawes, Breeding & Broodstock Technical Manager at Mowi Canada West visits with Ron and Ben to discuss the use of ultrasound scanning for sexing and anticipating spawning times in Atlantic salmon brood. Trevor explains the huge benefits of adding ultrasound to brood management and runs us through the ins and outs of successful scanning.  
Episode 7
Matt Zimola- Artificial Intelligent Aquaculture 
        Matt Zimola, CEO and co-founder of ReelData AI joins Ron and Jon to talk about his company's AI fish farming technology for feeding, real time biomass calculation and fish health analysis. This is a significant technology with huge implications for the land based RAS sector. 
RJ Taylor, co-owner of Cedar Crest Trout Farms and Springhills Fish- Getting Certified- The Third Party Certification Process from the Farmer's Point of View 
           RJ Taylor joins Ron and Jon to give some insight into 3rd party certification. Having gone through the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification and currently preparing for the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification, RJ shares his experience with the certification process, some of the obstacles his team had to overcome and some excellent tips for farms preparing for certification. An excellent conversation on the certification process and its value from the farmer's point of view. 
Professor Jon Carter- Aquaculture Education 
            Jon switches around to the guest chair to chat with Ron and Ben about aquaculture education, how industry and technology play a part, and his experiences meeting former students as colleagues. Passionate guy with a real understanding of what students need to know entering the field and how to get it across.
Roger Bushey and David McAlpine - Sandplains Aquaculture, Off-Grid Canadian Barramundi and Tilapia Producers
            Roger and David from Sandplains Aquaculture stop in to talk about their unique operation in Mossley Ontario. Roger and David discuss their off-grid operation, the challenges of working with and learning to culture barramundi, as well as giving some insight into the live fish market.
Steve Atkinson - Taste of BC Aquafarms part 2
             Steve Atkinson rejoins Ron and Jon to pickup the discussion where it left off (episode 1). Steve fills us in on being acquired by Blue Star Foods, the future of Taste of BC,  and some of the operational challenges Taste of BC has overcome during the last number of years.
Ben Normand and the PEI Mussel Industry
             Ben Normand joins Jon and Ron to chat about his path to PEI, the mussel industry and the challenges facing mussel farmers on the island. 
Episode 1 
        Steve Atkinson, managing director at Taste of BC Aquafarms, joins Ron and Jon to talk about his farm, his thoughts on RAS farm scale and his future expansion plans for Taste of BC Aquafarms.