Aquaculture Training

It is our belief that aquaculture employees and professionals are a limited resource that are affecting the proper development of the aquaculture industry. Strengthening and supporting your staff is essential for improving the quality of your product, maintaining efficient and cost effective operations, and keeping your experienced staff around.

Dual Function Hands-On Aquaculture Training Packages

      Velocity Aqua Customizable Training brings experts to your facility to deliver hands on training. Hands on training is the most difficult to provide employees. Courses require sending employees away and paying overnight rates on top of the course costs. 

      Velocity Aqua will work with you to identify the knowledge and skills needed and design a custom course based on your facility. Students improve their overall knowledge and their specific operational knowledge within the facility. 

  • Content delivered on site and in context 

  • Improve skills and operations at once

  • Relatable examples from your own farm

  • Focus on skills the farm needs

Custom Developed Aquaculture Worksite Employee Training Packages

      SOPs (standard operating procedures) and employee training media packages are vital for smooth operation and employee advancement. Creating good training materials takes significant effort that can be a substantial drain on skilled staff, drawing them away from important operational tasks.

      Working with your staff, Velocity Aqua will develop custom training packages for your facility. Custom packages provide a comprehensive training resource while freeing up staff for important tasks.

  • SOPs and training procedure documents

  • Training power points and lectures 

  • Video and media training resources

Aquaculture Workshops and Field Courses 

         Velocity Aqua is preparing a series of aquaculture workshop courses featuring some of the industry's best professionals. Courses will feature in person learning to provide aquaculture knowledge and training reinforced by on site hands-on tours and training. Students will learn and then see examples in a working aquaculture operation.

Stay turned for upcoming dates and courses as pandemic restrictions lift.