Aquaculture Training Packages

Training for your aquaculture workers doesn't have to involve online courses or sending your workers off for overnight stays. Velocity Aqua will bring our customizable training to your location and right onto your site for hands on training.

Fully Customizable

Our course are built to fit the needs of your farm. We will work with you to identify the knowledge and skill you want your workers to learn and design a custom course for your company.

  • Topics are fully customizable and developed for your particular needs and farm

  • Choose between different blocks and packages 

  • Trainer will come to your area to deliver program 

Hands On, On Site

Days worth of Powerpoint presentations and online lectures can only go so far in training and skills development. Velocity Aqua strives to provide practical and realistic skills for immediate use at your farm by using your farm as the classroom and delivering content on site.

  • Content delivered on site and in context 

  • Relatable examples from your own farm

  • Focus on skills the farm needs

  • Improve skills and operations at once

Theory and Biology

Looking for a more theory and knowledge based course? Try our courses in fish biology and hatchery/site management to supplement the skills based training you need.  Get your workers thinking like true farmers.

  • Fish biology 

  • Facility and site management 

  • Stock management 

  • Feed and feeding strategies

Hatchery Fundamentals

From eggs to brood we have your hatchery training needs covered. Velocity Aqua has hatchery focused courses with hands on skills to improve your employees and your hatchery. 

  • Hatchery focused skills and knowledge 

  • Husbandry and fish handling skills 

  • Incubation operation and management

  • Breeding and egg takes

  • RAS Filtration, biofiltration and disinfection systems

Cage Site Fundamentals

Cage sites are unique farms with a unique and in demand skill set. Focused courses for cage workers teach the skills needed for employees working outside and on the water. 

  • Cages and proper feeding 

  • Cage operation and management 

  • Water quality and cage farms

  • Safe working habits for cage farmers 

Water Quality

The quality of your water is directly related to the health and productivity of your livestock. Maintaining the best quality water will allow for the best growth and survival of your stock.

  • Biological needs and water parameters

  • Water testing and test equipment

  • RAS filtration, biofiltration and disinfection

  • Maintaining water quality 

  • Feed and water quality