Professional Aquaculture Services

Velocity Aqua offers third party professional services to support business with experienced aquaculture experts and service a farm's unique needs. Velocity Aqua draws on a large network of contract experts, allowing us to match the expert in our network with the needs of our client.

Investment Readiness Review 

One of the largest challenges with any aquaculture development is financing. Velocity Aqua will assemble a team to review your project's business and production plan and provide feedback on the overall concept. A comprehensive report provided by Velocity Aqua will identify areas of strength and weakness, in both short and long term operations. Anticipating investor concerns and potential challenges beforehand allows our clients to put their best foot forward.

Concept and Production Plan Development

Before you approach an aquaculture consulting/engineering firm for drawings a good concept and production plan must be in place. Velocity Aqua supports clients in developing both a solid aquaculture concept for success and creating a fish production plan with expert advice and analysis. Our team will review your project and help develop your concept into a feasible and sustainable plan.

OPEX Review

Velocity Aqua OPEX reviews can help you break down your expenses with a 3rd party review by an experienced facility operator. Our expert will examine your budget, review operations and provide feedback to identify areas of concern or strength. OPEX reviews are designed to strengthen an operation by identifying and mitigating significant expenses, recognizing where investment can provide operational savings/benefit, and where revenue streams can be increased.

Technology Upgrade Assessment 

Every new technology is the next best thing. Consultants and tech providers are always pushing something new to upgrade and improve your operations- at no small cost. Choosing when and where to upgrade is a very important decision, as is the technology solution. Our experts can help review your technology needs and provide 3rd party advice based on real world operational experience. 

Community Sustainable Aquaculture Feasibility Evaluations

Think your community might be a good candidate for a commercial or wild enhancement aquaculture operation? Velocity Aqua community aquaculture reviews will look at your community and assess its suitability for a sustainable aquaculture operation.

Fish Health Management Plans (FHMP)

Few documents are more daunting than the fish health management plan. Trying to attain BAP or ASC certification will trigger the need for a FHMP. Velocity Aqua can help develop your FHMP to streamline the process and save you time and effort.

Making Connections

Our network can help you search for and find the right designers, engineering firms, marketing professionals, fish brokers and processors. Our network extends across Canada and the United States, allowing farmers to find the best service providers for their needs and region.